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Registration Form
Further Information

(This form can only be accepted if the non-returnable registration fee of £125 payable to Hampton School is submitted.)

(Please note that the School is not registered with the UK Borders Agency.)

Current School Details (With Date of Entry)


Medical History/SEN/Concessions


Offers of places are subject to availability and the admission requirements of the School at the time offers are made. A copy of the School’s Terms and Conditions will be supplied on request.

Declaration & Privacy Notice

We request that our son named above is registered as a prospective pupil. We confirm that our son has not been dismissed, nor his removal required, from any school on account of misconduct. We understand that the School (through the Head, as the person responsible) may obtain, process and hold personal information about us which may include financial information provided by us or by any licensed credit reference agency or information contained in any court orders, petitions or proceedings. We enclose the non-refundable Registration Fee of £125 together with this completed Registration form duly signed by me us.
The information you share in this form will be used by the School to register your son for entry to Hampton. The personal or special category information you share with the School may be passed to other organisations to enable the School to provide you with additional information about the School and School events. For further details, please contact The information you share on this form will be retained until your son is no longer eligible to attend the School and then destroyed. Further information and a copy of the School’s Privacy Notice is available on the website

Signatures of Parents / Legal Guardians

Date: Dec 11, 2019

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